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PokerStars is an online poker cardroom owned by The Stars Group. It can be accessed through downloadable poker clients for the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It is the largest real money online poker site in the world, controlling over two-thirds of the total online poker market.

A user complained, "Hi, I have been using Pokerstars for the past few months. The most I won playing 2 days was 5 times the amount. It only happened when I first made my account. I was flying high but was cautious. Playing for the next 2 days brought my account to half of what I started with.

Pokerstar will let you win when you are new, then slowly take away everything.

Then I decided to put only a certain amount, play, winn ittle and cash it back into my bank account. This is where the real scam starts.

Once you withdraw money, Pokerstar will make sure that you loose rest of the amount as soon as possible. For example, lost my 33355 full house to 33366. This is just one example. Lost my KKK to AAA with both two aces opening on turn and river. The guy I lost to had nothing but Ace high in a round with two K on flop and me going all in as I had triplet. Hw TF that guy knew to go all in and getting 2 Aces in the end. This is not just one case. I have played real live poker alot in my life and I know that no sane player will go all in like that.

I believe Pokestars have sponsored players playing along with you who know what cards are gonna open up. Also, I have seen single player dominating the whole table with getting Aces, straights & full houses in literally every round. They will keep on bidding higher for flops. It will happen continuously for many rounds and you will be folding continuously saving money. Then in one round you will get Ace and king, the same guy will raise again, you will counter, you will get two pair of A & K, the 3rd card in flop would be something like 5 or 4 you will go all in, he will call, turn & river will bring out one more 5 or 4. Now you can eat shit because the other guy's cards will open up and you get to know that MF was coming all in against Aces & kings with 5 & 2 in his hand scoring a triplet of 5 against your 2 pairs of A & K. How TF a sane [person goes all in against A & K with just a pair of 5 in his hand.

I have not spent a lot of money, but I have understood that Pokerstar is rigged."


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pk says

"Worst poker site on the planet.They are thieves .I have made more than 30k on other sites but in this one the fish win very easily althought the chances are so low."

Alvin Van says

"Very suspiciously rigged software - some clear examples which you see when you play - on spin and gos the short stack 70% of the tine makes a comeback to win - on normal tournies - runner runner when you are 90% ahead to win will usually happen - pokerstars expect the unexpected - as well as providing convenient quick access to the casino for those that suffer from tilting. Good money spinner! Avoid unless burning money for fun"

Princely says

"Their customer service is terrible as you can only contact them via email, this then takes days to respond and then its only basic answers. The site crashes often and they charge you way too much to take money out!!! Avoid this as i have been playing several months and its just too much hassle and not worth it. I'll join a better supported site with better quality all round."

Amber says

"What a joke! Your random generator ain't random! My mathematical best hands have been donked 3 days running to the point of going against laws of probability.Same dunks keep crushing me. Like they got a magic software switch."

Home Family says

"This site is ridiculous. It takes your money and then locks you out when you win. It steals your money. Dont waste time as the customer service us none existent. Just a bunch of crooks. I told them in the end to keep my money as its not worth all the hassle ."

Mrs Williams says

"I’ve never seen such a bad app. Nothing loads, and every time you press something you actually want to press it says - cannot connect to server. Help centre, settings ect ect doesn’t work the app is just simply rubbish! I never put any real money in thank goodness! they offer you to play with ‘play money’ but to get it is nearly impossible to find and when you do find, the app crashes and you get white screen with that awful logo going around and around and nothing happens..... They try their best to make you pay out of your own pocket. No thanks! What a waste! I don’t even trust my personal details with this app."

Captain Teemo says

"We play we play atfull tilt"

Art Vondrak says

"They have scammed me out of millions of dollars in poker chips. At least 75 million. I told them to make it right but they won't I guarantee it I've been paying for over a year. Nobody can have as bad of luck as I do .it's fixed. I get in two and a half million dollar rooms and the site crashes or starts buffering and I lose my buy in. They're crooks don't play on their website."

Adam James says

"Awful customer service and security. I joined Poker stars in December trying to play with friends and loaded a £10 deposit. What seemed like a relatively simple process ended up a nightmare. I tried playing the following day and was unable to access my account as they had frozen it for security reasons. I emailed support for help, and over FOUR weeks later they responded informing me that my funds were 'confiscated' and i was 'permanently excluded' from playing with them as i had taken unfair advantage of promotional offerings. This was a lie and i had not even tried to use any promotional offerings. I just set up an account and loaded £10 on to start with. As it turned out they had frozen my account because they thought i was fraudulent, as had a very standard AVG VPN internet security software on all my devices and were concerned about my true IP address location. OK - but why take 4 weeks to respond or ask for ID? I had to provide my ID - a passport and utility bill, which i did and then they unrestricted me and found i could log on ok. I then arranged a new game with friends Only next time i logged in - same user name and password - to play, i find my account had been frozen AGAIN and 'playing privileges revoked'. I could not withdraw my funds and am simply back in the queue with their security team waiting to be unlocked AGAIN. Who knows if i will ever get to play or get my money back now..... A similar story has happened with one of my other friends i was planning on playing with. Highly recommend you avoid this site, you may never see your money again."

Bobilca Ionut says

"rigged site don't put your money here doj will probably raid them soon i have never seen so much rigged you will only win if you become their rake slave and put in 12 hours a day then you might get some luck to cards"

Brian Grier says

"Worst site ever. 243 hand in a row that weren't playable at all... im taking 9-2 off suit stuff... Finally hit a full house with aces on the flop. My hand A-10 suited, the flop A-A-10. I raise buddy calls with poker 3'. The turn a three giving him a full house. W.e cause I have a monster hand so push him all in. The river a freaking 3. This happens every tournament i play in. Its basically like this. If their's card(s) that can come that will ruin you they will. I've been beet 50plus times in the last 6 months by a royal flushes wile having the strait flush or a boat. Playing their roulette, red hit 39 times in a row, more then the world record. Not only did red hit 39 times on red on my tables but 3 other tables had runs of red or black more then 18 times in a row. Its fake 100%"

Johnny slots master says

"Pokerstars restricted my account over false accusations made against myself So I was playing at pokerstsrs and I had 200 pounds in pokerstars account. Now due to a work office error I never got paid from work and just like 11 others from my work of place. So I knew I had monet in my pokerstars account so I went too withdraw my funds and it would not let me. So I contact live chat to find out what was going on. With in the live chat I told the assistant that my funds won't withdraw. He then told me that my funds have a wanger on them as I took a promotion out earn 20 percent extra with every deposit. So then I went on to explain why I needed my funds due to a work error and I had not been paid. OK so this is very interesting and I will capital this THE LIVE CHAT ASSISTANT THEN SAYS SINCE YOU MADE A COMMENT SAYING I HAVE NO JOB I WILL HAVE TO REMOVE YOUR GAMBLING PRIVILEGES. Now no where I this live chat did I say once that I had no job. I only said I had not been paid from work due to a work office technical issue and this was the first time in 4 years since I started working for this company this had happened. So he then removed my gambling PRIVILEGE. I RECORDED ALL THE LIVE CHAT AND CONTACTED POKERSTARS UP BY ANOTHER LIVE CHAT AND TTHEY FORWARD MY QUERY TO THE RIGHT TEAM WHO WILL GET BACK TO YOU IN 7 DAYS. OK AS OF TODAY 1 MONTH AND 3 WEEKS LATER TO STILL NOTHING. how can a company make false accusations against myself what is a law under section 40 dash (2) of the criminal justice act is a offence to degradation of a name made under false accusations. They broke the law as I said nothing in regarding me loosing a job or not having a job and the live chat assistant says since I have made a comment saying I have no job I will have to remove your gambling privileges. Can anyone advise me on what to do as I have all the live chat recorded and all what was said in that chat that made my account frozen. I mean 1.2 stars out of 5 they nay as well call them self's poker1.2stars. I can see lots of complaints on here but still they still operate and take your money. Am going to give you all a very good few tips it's up to your self's if you choose to acknowledge them 1. ALWAYS RECORD YOUR GAMBLING SESSIONS AND LIVE CHAT SESSIONS then you always have proof. 2, IF YOU FEEL THAT SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT THEN STOP PLAYING AND LEAVE FIND GAMBLING PLACES THAT HAVE OVER 3.5 STARS them stars are there for a reason and it shows that people are quite happy 3. CONTACT THE GAMBLING COMMISSION AND REPORT POKERSTARS the more action took by us the more this site will know we don't have to accept this and YESthe is people who will take action against fraud companies Hope this helps all"

Marco Ficioru says

"All you do is make ppl belive the they can win you let them win once and then take their money away."

Zz says

"Don’t just don’t . You will never win Sunday million Sunday storm or even other games 😂😂😂 Fam trust me don’t even bother wasting your time , energy and money on this site or any online poker .... live👈 roulette😂🤣🤣. Trust me don’t bother. I’m telling you from experience."

Iulian Dinu says

"Forget about fair games and random cards. Everything is fake and rigged for you to lose it all. That being said why would i want to play a game that is 'fixed'. I closed the account and hope they will go down in flames. Pokerstars is a scam and a disgrace to poker."

Rachel says

"Wish I had read the reviews before I deposited money to play a game of poker with friends. They froze my account, like many others have said, and now will not respond. I just want my money back but won’t be holding my breath for it!"

Alexandru Stoica says

"WORSE POKER site ever . avoid the scam . im wondering how this is legal . If you watch one of their players on twitch or youtube youd be convinced to open an account as you see their winnings :)) do not try this!! avoid the legal scam!!!"

John says

"Stay away from this site. Higher card in hand losing 70%. Winnings or losses on River card 90% it will never ever happen In really poker. Proper spam - you will loose you money all the time. They will give you few wins but after you in and start losses all the time. Never ever go all in with pair in hand 90% losses. Spam spam spam go away from this site."

Daniel says

"Avoid this site if you are in the UK 🇬🇧 they share your personal details with other companies and try to withdraw money from your account without authorisation. Luckily for me the bank blocked the attempts... please be careful, this is a scam site 🤬🤬🤬🤬"

Charlie says

"This is the 3rd review I have left now (i will continue to do so until Pokerstars has the decency to resolve my account) That issue - Pokerstars restricted my deposit limit out of the blue - requesting me to fill in a questionnaire and supporting this with source of funds - which I did... its now been 30 days! no reply or any attempt to get in touch, its absolutely scandalous Pokerstars can do this and seem to get away with it. to any prospective players - read my reviews and basically every other review on here....speaks for itself, do not give these guys the time of day or a penny of your money...."

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